Cool, slick and fun with a natural attraction all types of people
towards Toni Morrison. "The function of freedom is to free
someone else". Her style represents a sense of "I don't belong to anyone but to my own time and space".

Most weekends I like to spend time on crafting beats for my
music, I like to hit the clubs and I love to dance anywhere
with vibrant beats. My style is really edgy, a bit of street and a relax feel. I dress to show how I am. I am always interested in discovering new thoughts, new places and create my own story.

I am always taking pictures with my phone about something new creative ideas, creative cities, creative people and most deaf creative music. The source of my inspiration to style and
live fulfilling.

A lot of the times sometimes I can dress and style unexpectedly and maybe viewed as weird and not normal however  I view it as an icon of identity and able to stand out even if I have to look weird to suit my comfort zone. Keeping it basic maintains my look on fashion and my own taste for independnece.