Social, fun and outgoing is what makes Plato vibrant most days.  A theory of "a person is a person through other people" sums up what he's all about. 

Most days when I dress I always like to style more than to look nice. I like to feel the purpose of being in the moment
but most importantly the point of being happy with my choices no brands, no advertisements and certainly no imitations of what others wear. I set the trend, I style to be my own brand and I engage well with my choices of outfit.

My style reflects an inviting feel, an approachable personality
to others but also I am full aware of the consequences when
negativity approaches but I guess I can only view it
as a lesson for paitence while they keep learning.

An army elongated coat with a low crotch sky blue pants and a plain white tee is what I am going to dress today.

Hope this style is at the touch of love everyone
becomes a fan of.