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The deal is to help you with your opportunities:
We all know that breaking into the fashion industry is very challenging. So DQP has aligned it's purpose to fulfill a pleasing mission to help you get recognized in the fashion industry. 

Option 1: Pay $25.00 Flat Fee

  • We have dedicated staff on standby to source out your industry opportunities by advertising your talents and market your potentials to enable your career to take flight.  
  • We Invite you to send your portfolio over. We will have your portfolio posted on our Pins and Boards section and also advertise your talent on our blog for our partners and clients to view and get in touch with you directly, not only that our team will do the work and notify you by email of opportunities that comes across us or you may get the contact as we advise all partners to contact you directly which ever opportunity comes first.
  • We feel it is only right that we help you get the best possible outcome out of your craft and you get the best out of your talent. 

Option 2: Purchase 2 or more products
Purchase 2 or more products to access this offer. Please send through your:

  • Receipt / Invoice number of your purchase
  • Take a picture of your receipt and send It to us.
  • Please also have the following details below in your email to make it easy for us to work with you:
                     1. Name:
                    2. Email contacts:
                    3. Social media contacts:
                    4. Attach your project or portfolio:
                    5. Title of your portfolio or project:


Please send to: design.quo.pins@outlook.com


** Please keep in mind your purchase does not have to be made on the same day it can be made on different times however we do require proof of purchase **